Founded in 2016 and becoming a registered charity in 2017, QSLA Foundation’s purpose is to reduce barriers for youth ages 4-29 in accessing enhanced education through sport programming. We provide opportunities for youth to access current academically driven athletic programs by removing registration fees, providing bursaries and scholarships, and giving access to all needs youth have when participating. We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines of a court, or the back of a classroom. All youth should be given the opportunity to experience the positive impacts of enhanced education and organized sports.

Our charitable number is 750824724RR0001. You can view our charitable status on the CRA website.

You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donation over CAD $25.


Dave McNee

Dave McNee is the Chair of QSLA Foundation. His expertise and breadth of knowledge in education, sports, marketing and advertising brings an unmatched leadership and guidance to QSLA Foundation. He is currently a principal at Uchenna Academy, teaching economics as well as coaching a youth basketball team. He is also spearheading research initiatives that explore effects of combining sporting activities with mathematics pedagogy. View Dave’s LinkedIn profile here.

Gloria Vopni

Gloria’s expertise as a Chartered Accountant provides the accounting leadership necessary to ensure the donations we receive reach the students that will benefit from it most. QSLA Foundation strives to reach maximum efficiency by minimizing our costs and maximizing the scholarship and bursaries opportunities for our students. Gloria’s expertise ensures we reach our goal. View Gloria’s LinkedIn profile here.

Louise McNee

Louise has a lifelong career in the healthcare field as well as community involvement that provides QSLA Foundation with fair and transparent decision making insights.

Diriki Gould

Diriki is an Account Manager with excellent communication, critical thinking, active listening, problem solving, analytical and time management skills. He has extraordinary relationship and team building skills, and is an energetic people person with exceptional networking abilities. He provides guidance to our Foundation’s grant seeking process, as well as raising community awareness about our grant-giving programs.

Katrine (Leung) Capizzo

Katrine is a Continuous Improvement Business Analyst with Canadian Tire. She joined our Foundation to enhance our grant writing and budgetary processes. Her expertise in these fields continues to allow us to improve both our charitable receiving and giving guidelines.