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QSLA Foundation welcomes designated gifts from our donors, which can provide you with an opportunity to make a lasting gift for charitable purposes.

We are pleased to operate a fund in the donor’s name for all donors that desire public awareness or recognition for their gifts. For example, if the gift is donated in memory of a person the donor wishes to publicly recognize, QSLA Foundation will operate a fund under the name our donor wishes to be used.

Designated gifts to QSLA Foundation qualify for a charitable tax receipt. You will receive an Income Tax receipt for all donations over CAD $25.00.


Studies show that when mathematics is taught in physically active classrooms, students’ academic achievements significantly improve. This is why QSLA Foundation provides scholarships and bursaries for students pursuing studies that integrate physical activity in curriculum delivery, or afterschool programs that combine athletic and academic activities in their design. We also support students that wish to pursue post-secondary studies involving physical activity, as a program of study, or as an extracurricular activity.

QSLA Foundation ensures students are supported to pursue academic careers in life-changing innovations, work alongside exciting corporate partners and experience extraordinary educational opportunities, research breakthroughs and discovery.

Your support makes it all possible. 

Thank you to our donors for their generous gifts to the Foundation:

  • $1,140

    Community Members

  • $7,000

    Advisor Stream


  • $15,000

    Allan Carswell Foundation

  • $50,000

    Canadian Red Cross